The 100% automated
Appointment scheduling system for Hair Salon


Make an appointment with a single message in 

Facebook Messenger


Gives your existing and new customers the possibility

at any time,

from anywhere

and without apps

fully automatic booking appointments.

Your digital assistant can more!


Customer support without calls and interruptions 24/7.

Answer questions about opening hours, payment options and product information.

Simple, fast and reliable.

Get started! It´s free!

Online booking


24/7 online booking on your website

For customers who visit you on your homepage, it is the easiest way to book your services and make appointments. Give your customers the opportunity to do it here and now - without having to call you first.

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Digital assistant for you website visitors

Your digital assistant answers all common questions and more.

No keywords, no solid phrases - communicate like a real employee.

And if the request is too specific, the customer will be forwarded to you.

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No more "No shows"

We send a message (by messenger or email) in a time interval defined by you before the appointment. The message reminds the customer and increases the chance that he actually appears.

Get more customers

Every existing and potential customer has the opportunity without additional tools (apps) book appointments, obtain product information even outside opening hours 24/7.

Save time and money

Up to 80% of calls for appointments and information requests can be fully automated. You and your employees save time and money. And the customers are thankful you no longer have to call.

One place to controll everything


Powerfull and simple Dashboard

Manage your calendars

Schedule employee´s work shifts

Add, edit and delete services

and  more.


Get started! It´s free!

Transparent Prices

only1%per booking

You save

1,25 € per appointment (gross hourly wage incl. vacation/labor costs). 

Also, up to 5% of revenue for missed appointments cause of unavailability (busy, no one responses, hanging on the line, competitors with 24/7

You can

Expect 12-25%growth of revenue. 
Manage more than 55% of your bookings on mobile. 
Get more than 40% of your bookings out of opening hours. 

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IBM global entrepreneur program

Google Cloud for Startups program

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